Monday, February 3, 2014


Mouse House
We've been concentrating on finding hooks and coat racks for the young men of the house. Coming soon will be a super new range of Wood Coat Hooks and racks. Some are available on pre-order already. Have a preview...we particularly love this robot
Big Jigs
We are pleased to offer both Big Jigs and Mouse House Toys wooden ranges

Sunday, February 2, 2014

How to put up your newly purchased Coat Rack

We thought that we'd give you a little help with putting up a coat rack. The fixings are hidden from view. In the video we are fixing to wood so we have not had to drill holes and insert rawl plugs. You will need these if fixing to brick or masonry, but the principal is the same. Just remember the heavier the rack the longer the screw into the wall.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Valentine Hook

Ok here is the scenario.........
It is Valentines day, Friday February 14th 2014. You are dressed up and smelling divine
You take your girlfriend/boyfriend out for for drinks and then go to a lovely intimate candlelit restaurant where soft music is playing in the background. You order champagne and as you look lovingly into her/his eyes you produce a small parcel beautifully giftwrapped (by yourself).
You say
" I have something special that I would like to give to you"
They take a sharp intake of breadth as the parcel is handed over. The anticipation is overwhelming and as the last piece of paper is removed this bright red hook is revealed....empty....................
Home is where the heart is

disappointment. But they rise above it because they love you.
You let the evening carry on and then over dessert the waiter comes over with a small tray upon which is a single key. You take the key and thank the waiter. You look into your partners eyes and say "I believe this key is also for the Key Hook i gave you....You are the keyholder to my heart"
........................I think that you can write the rest. Corny I know but how original not to give a wildly expensive rose that will wilt before the night is over or a box of chocolates which will linger on the hips longer that you want.
This Bright red House with heart Key Hook is crafted in wood and finished in red enamel paint
Width: 10cmHeight: 16cmDepth: 3.5cm
Approximate Weight: 46g
Click here to purchase An Original Valentine Gift

Monday, December 16, 2013

New Items Preview
I thought that you may like a little taster of what is to come. We've not had a chance to get these onto the website however if you are really keen we can forward ship them but they will officially be available in the early part of next week.

  • The three hook Ceramic rack was one of our earliest racks, so we are really pleased to have it available again.
  • The exquisite Black and white ceramic is brand new in for 2014

  • And the heart is a gorgeous distressed grey version of the Tau Rust we already have available.
  • Lastly (just for the moment) this stunning Charcoal grey Ceramic Rose is also brand new for 2014

 Just contact us via the LOVEHOOKS contact form for more information and prices